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Well Tank Replacement

Air Bladder – (most common)

Air Bladder tanks have an air filler on the top like a bike tire. They typically last 10-15 years and are easily tested for failure.

To test your air bladder,

  • Turn your pump off at the breaker box and then turn all your faucets ON and let them drain.
  • When the water stops running take a tire pressure gauge and use the air filler at the top of the pressure tank…it should read 30-40lbs.
  • If it reads “0”, your air bladder is ruptured and your well pump is continuously running to create the pressure needed instead of the air bladder.

Waukesha Plumbing recommends a larger tank for replacement.  Your well pump will run longer, but less often. It’s the constant  ON/OFF…not the actual running, that kills your pump. A larger pressure tank means your adding life onto your pump. Waukesha Plumbing offers 3 replacement options:

Low: Welxtrol wx203(32 gallon) – The most standard tank out there (very common).
Mid: Welxtrol wx250(44 gallon)  – A top seller.
High: Welxtrol wx251(62 gallon) – A higher end replacement for large homes.


These types of tanks are fairly rare. They typically have 1 pipe going into the tank and 1 pipe going out, and also have an air bleeder that makes a hissing sound. there is no bladder, so rotting out is the only way these go bad.

Whether you have an Air Bladder or Air/Water well tank, Contact the experts at Waukesha Plumbing to identify the appropriate replacement for your specific needs..

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