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Recirculation Pump Replacement

Recirculation Pumps are essential to distributing hot water instantly to your kitchen and bath faucets.

Are you waiting 5 minutes to get hot water to a bathroom far away from the water heater? It’s a common problem with a very simple retro fit solution. It’s the Grundfos Comfort System, low voltage pump that is installed above the water heater.

A valve is installed under any sink in the house you wish to recirculate the hot water. The valve lets the hot water bleed into the cold water which recirculates the hot water. The kit comes standard with one valve, but you can add extra valves to any sink in the house. There is a timer on the pump, so you can save energy and only use it during high use times of the day.

We can also put a standard pump in and run a separate reticulation line. With all the positive reviews of the Grundfos Comfort system it’s a waste of time and money to run a separate recirculation line anymore.

How the Grundfos Comfort System Works

Recirculation Pumps

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